Tommy Tinker’s world is getting bigger by the minute. But this time, he and his friends need YOUR magic to make it even bigger! Do you weave magic spells with your fingertips to enchant hearts and lead them towards fairies? Do you have the magic to open doors for more fairy friends to explore? Do you have the wings to take flight and tell the world about the fantastic adventures of Tommy Tinker? Then YOU might just be the influencer that Tommy Tinker’s world needs!  

50 magical fairy friends will be transformed into Tommy Tinker Influencers, receiving exclusive perks and amazing surprises. We’re not looking for the macros and the big-name influencers. We want micro-influencers, small but powerful, full of magic and enchantment, just like the fairies themselves, to build our elite group of influencers!

In addition, the 50 influencers will receive an extra special gift: A FREE ebook copy of “Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory” to make sure that they experience the magic of Tommy Tinker immediately. There are even more perks and presents to come as well. 

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Some of the many fantastic PERKS include:

• Magical gifts will appear on your doorstep now and again! Amazing surprises from the Fairy Kingdom will be sent as well, all to show our appreciation of YOU, becoming one of our influencers. 

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• And so much more to come!