Designer Magical Sweet Gnome Garden

Hello, Fairy Lovers! This fairy garden is from the private collection of Teelie’s Fairy Garden. In this sweet Gnome fairy garden, I have placed sweet delicious donuts for the fairies. Of course, a fairy garden would not be complete without a fairy pet-bunnies are some of the fairy’s favorites-so very cuddly. This is one of my favorite gardens I have created and I know you would love it too! In our private collections, the items have been used for videos that we are producing weekly, or a book cover prop, or maybe in a fairy story. We have had a lot of fun sourcing these items from around the globe and have designed each scene with the utmost care. This fairy garden designer collection is one of a kind-only one will be sold-so if you love it snatch it up as it will not be created again 😊 Disclaimer: The plants, rocks, dirt, and containers are not included-due to the weight. The items come as they are. A list of what you will receive will be listed. 

Items Included: • Welcome Gnome • Purple fairy house with leaf roof and flower pot • 3-mushrooms • Basket with jewels • Wooden rounds pathway • 1-Ladybug 

Items Included: • Basket filled with jewels • Ladybug • 3-mushrooms • Wooden rounds pathway 

Items Included: • Metal brown bistro table with a chair • Daisy plate with heart donut • 5 donuts • Cute white bunny • 2-bees • 1-planter with flowers • Scattered jewels • 3-mushrooms • Lady bug 

Items Included: • Birdhouse with flower vine and red birdie • 3-mushrooms • 2-bees • Metal table with plate and donuts • Scattered jewels

 Items Included: • Vintage white arbor with tools attached-great as a garden divider  

Get Your Additional Products Here: Organic dirt: click here Cream Colored Gravel: click here Assorted Fairy Plants: click here 

Price: $45.00

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