Designer Cabana Bana Fairy Garden

Hello, Fairy Lovers! This fairy garden is from the private collection of Teelie’s Fairy Garden. What fun this garden was to put together…fairy time at the beach. This is a great base for an amazing beach fairy garden, there is so much you could add to it. An ocean, mermaids, more magical sea fairy homes, the list is endless! I know you will love it as much as I do! In our private collections, the items have been used for videos that we are producing weekly, or a book cover prop, or maybe in a fairy story. We have had a lot of fun sourcing these items from around the globe and have designed each scene with the utmost care. This fairy garden designer collection is one of a kind-only one will be sold-so if you love it snatch it up as it will not be created again 😊 Disclaimer: The plants, rocks, dirt, and containers are not included-due to the weight. The items come as they are. A list of what you will receive will be listed. 

Items Included: • Fairy Cabana with white privacy curtains (fixed not moveable) • 2-pieces of sea glass  

Items Included: • 2-blue and white striped beach chairs • 1-pink artificial sea plant  

Items Included: • A collection of natural and colored shells  

Items Included: • A sand dune with a Happy Starfish, a purple clam and pink coral • 2-clusters of sea shells  

Items Included: • A collection of colorful sea shells  

Items Included: • A Sand dune • 2-lime green plants • 2-palm trees • 1-purple clam • A clothesline with 2 sets of fairy play outfits  

Get Your Additional Products Here: Organic dirt: click here White sand: click here Cream colored sand: click here Blue water pebbles: click here 

Price: $28.00

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